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Transport and packaging of your lot, a collection or exhibition: at Easy2send

you are at the right place. We share your passion for art.


At Easy2sendwe love easy but not simple. If we do it smartly, we can make it easy for everyone, including ourselves.


At Easy2send all our art handlers are trained and in possession of a certificate of good conduct. As a result, our employees guide your valuable goods safely, carefully and discreetly.

Professional packagin

Easy2send uses professional packaging materials. From standard boxes to transport boxes.


Easy2send transports both nationally and internationally; from groupage to dedicated transport.

Track & Trace

Real-time information about your shipment via Track & Trace

Trained staff

All our employees are trained in art handling


Easy2send is certified for the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standard. We do this to ensure that we achieve maximum customer satisfaction and so that we have the tools to handle your goods and data discreetly.


Sustainability is of great importance to Easy2send. One of the ways Easy2send promotes sustainability is by planning efficient and environmentally friendly routes.

By choosing electric vehicles as a means of transport, Easy2send contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting a cleaner and more sustainable transport sector. The use of electric vehicles fits perfectly with the aim to minimize the environmental impact of transport and make a positive contribution to a more sustainable future.

In addition to using electric vehicles, Easy2send also strives to reduce paper by working digitally and using recycled packaging materials. We offer options such as reusable and sustainable packaging. This helps reduce waste and promotes a circular economy.

By working together towards a more sustainable future, we can make a difference in protecting the environment and the world we live in.

Other transport services

Easy2send also specializes in express transport.

From simple courier orders to exclusive ones,

documents and custom transports, we arrange it

with passion!

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